'You are worth it' is an art collaboration between Mikko Aspa, Markkula and Jukka Siikala. The collaboration is manifested as an artbook and group exhibition with the concept of Anti-Social Realism, the term that we keep as our common denominator. Each artist approaches the subject from his own perspective and with his own intentions. Most of the works shown here are exhibited in gallery Kalleria, Kaarlenkatu 10, Helsinki, 19.2.-5.3.2012.
Jukka Siikala: Soya Sausages, oil on canvas, 62 x 62 cm, 2014

Jukka Siikala: Portrait, oil on canvas, 35 x 27 cm, 2011

Jukka Siikala: Sausage1, oil on canvas, 40 x 53cm, 2012

Anonymous asked: How do you order the book?

Send me your address so I can calculate shipping costs. Then you can pay with paypal.


Anonymous asked: Is the artbook still available?

Yes, but only the bigger ones, A4.

ASPA / MARKKULA / SIIKALA “ANTI-SOCIAL REALISM” books.Limited edition art book of works of Mikko Aspa. Markkula and  Jukka Siikala.  100 full color pages includes paintings. photography and collages.  Exploring through anti-social art. observing sex. violence. death.  abuse. beauty and ugliness. 30+ pages per each artists. with  introductions and Anti-Social Realism manifesto. Two versions exists. Limited 21 x 30cm size with silkscreened cover (30 euros + shipping) and regular  paperback edition 14.5 x 21cm size (15 euros + shipping). Distributed by Freak Animal, Filth & Violence or contact via urworthit.tumblr -blog.
'You are worth it' -exhibition. Gallery view


The window is covered with posters and on the door hangs a K-18 sign. An attempt at enticing with mysticism? A necessity, rather. The group exhibition ‘You are worth it’ is very raw and explicit. The mix of collage, painting and exhibition provokes a feeling of disgust. pornography, war, (sexual) power and most of all violence is present in each work. They still succeed to avoid getting caught up in vain shock value only. It feels real. You sense a rage - in some level the exhibition feels important. It goes all the way in it’s portrayal of death and darkness. It’s not meaningless imagery trying to claim attention with simple images of sex and death. They are cruel commentaries to things most people try to repress.”

Critics by Helen Korpak, Hufvudstadsbladet

Freely translated by ARKHE. Thank you.

You are worth it -performance by Domina Fallen Angel and guest
You are worth it -exhibition, gallery view
You are worth it -exhibition, gallery view
You are worth it -exhibition, gallery view
You are worth it -exhibition, gallery view
You are worth it -exhibition, gallery view